10 Reasons You Will Love Living In Santa Monica CA

Anyone who enjoys California and luxury, but relaxed lifestyle should move to Santa Monica. With a beach nearby and high quality of life you will certainly love it! Here are the top ten reasons why you will love living in Santa Monica!

1. Close to the beach

Santa Monica State Beach which is 3.5 miles long has various activities to offer: numerous picnic areas, playgrounds, bike rentals and a path and a couple of hotels. It is perfect for a relaxing Sunday with the family and friends. For more active people, it offers volleyball, surfing, stand up paddleboarding and swimming.

2. Sustainable

Santa Monica is one of the top ten sustainable cities in the country. Bike paths are plentiful and people tend to opt for bicycles rather than cars. City buses run on natural gas and every building must comply with green building codes. With the beach just a walk away from home and fresh air, every day will be amazing.

3. Farmer’s markets

For anyone enjoying visiting farmer’s markets, Santa Monica is a dream come true! There are four weekly farmer’s markets in this lovely city. Yes, you heard it right. They are highly praised for fresh produce and flowers. You won’t regret it if you choose to spend an afternoon with your children at one of the markets.

4. Piers

Santa Monica has a plethora of piers available to anyone who enjoys walking. If the beach is not your first choice, then strolling around Santa Monica piers will be perfect for you. There are numerous restaurants and coffee shops where you can take food and enjoy the view from one of the piers.

5. Library

Santa Monica Library has 5 branches all around this lovely city, so if you want a quiet place to read a book or study, you will always have a place to go. It wouldn’t be such a bad idea, buy a coffee in one of the shops, borrow a book and then read it on one of the piers as well.

6. Shopping

Santa Monica has it all! Third Street Promenade has been the main shopping & dining street ever since the 1800s. Apart from boutiques, shops and homeware brands, this district also includes bakeries, cafes and restaurants. Shopping day cannot go without a quick lunch or a coffee in one of the cute places. After all, it’s exhausting and requires a small break, for sure.

7. Downtown

Downtown Santa Monica is a busy place packed with people and cars. If you like a more urban lifestyle, you can opt for this neighborhood. You will have access to public transportation that will take you wherever you need. Also, this area is located on the cliffs above the beach and thus offers a picturesque view!

8. A variety of neighborhoods

Whether you are more of an active, urban lifestyle kind of person or a more relaxed one, you will find a suitable neighborhood in Santa Monica. It truly offers different areas for life that will suit every one of us, no matter how different we may be. The prices differ as well, so you can be confident that you can find the right place for your budget if you look well enough.

9. Schools

Should we mention that Santa Monica residents can send their children to eleven local private schools? This district is recognized for its educational excellence. There is also the Santa Monica College which offers classes in 90 academic fields. More than 30,000 students attend the College. If you don’t want to leave town for education, you can definitely find the right choice for you right in the heart of California.

10. Climate

Last but not least, the climate in Santa Monica is somewhat perfect. It has mild weather, sunshine on most days and of course, the inevitable ocean breeze which makes it perfect. Living near the water is irreplaceable.

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