The Ultimate Moving Checklist

Are you planning to move anytime soon? Have you found your dream home or office? That’s amazing news! However, there is a long road ahead of you until you are all settled in your new place. Here is the checklist of to-dos before your moving day comes! Print it out and use it as a moving guide.

1. Choose a reliable professional moving company

There are a plethora of local moving companies on the market and you don’t know how to choose. No wonder, it is difficult to opt for a certain company when the choice is so big. We suggest you go for the most recommended company or simply the one someone close to you already hired for the job. Type in „Santa Monica CA Movers’ and voila – our company will appear as one of the top results on Google!

2. Pick a date!

Once you have chosen a moving company, choose the date of your relocation process. Try to book it at least 8 weeks before the move. The sooner – the better. Some of the tips for choosing a moving date is to pick a nice sunny day (according to the weather prognosis) and also to choose a day when you don’t have much work to do.

3. Choose to self pack or opt for packers and movers

Packing may seem as a simple task, but trust us, it most definitely is not. There is so many things to think of – packing supplies, fragile items, large furniture pieces etc. If you opt for furniture movers, your moving day will be less stressful for sure. We at Santa Monica Movers will do the hard part for you!

4. Arrange someone to take care of your children

If you’re a busy working mom/dad, the last thing you want is your kids running around on your moving day and creating more mess. Not to mention that a house during a move is not a safe place for your children and they can easily get hurt. Therefore, ask someone to take care of them while the packing and loading up the truck is taking place. You will be much more relaxed if you don’t have to worry about your kids alongside everything else. The same goes for pets as well.

5. Help out the packers label the boxes

Whether you are packing by yourself or you are hiring professional packers to do it for you, make sure you label everything you pack or that you are there to help out the professional packers with labeling. It will make your settling in process so much easier. Moving is a nerve-racking process and the last thing you want is to complicate it even more. If you label each box with the name of the room it should be put in your new place, your settling process is half way done.

6. Check with the company which things cannot be moved

There are some things that moving companies don’t move for you and those are perishable foods, for example. Be sure to get rid of everything that cannot be moved before the moving day comes. In that way, you won’t have to send that time on your moving day when you will already have many things to take care of.

7. Declutter

When it comes to getting rid of things, this is the perfect timing to declutter. If you have been living in your house for more than a year, there are certainly some things you simply don’t use and don’t need. Since you are already packing and going through everything you own, take a moment and think about things you won’t reach for on an everyday basis. You will for sure gather at least one box of such stuff. Pass it on to your friends and family or donate it to your local thrift store.

8. Organize furniture disassembling

If you are planning a residential move or you need to move large pieces of furniture, you better search for ’local furniture movers’ or ’furniture movers near me’. There are some moving companies whose service doesn’t include furniture disassembling, and in this case, you’d want to avoid them. If you hire Santa Monica Movers, our professional packers will arrive right on time, ready to disassemble your furniture and load it in our trucks! Everything will be put back into place on your relocation process is done and your furniture is at your new place.

9. Pack an essentials bag

It is a good idea to pack one bag with the most used things and something you will need on your first night in a new place. Our workers will put every box in the room you want, but you probably won’t be completely unpacked the first night and if you don’t pack this bag, you might need something that can be buried in a box somewhere. This will make your first night less stressful.

10. Do a one last walk through

Once you are completely packed, walk through your old place once more and make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. Check all the drawers and cabinets and then you can be on your way to your new place!

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